Also known as “Food Lift” is mainly used to serve a rated load of 50kg, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg or 300kg. This lift is meant for carrying goods, foods and anything other than a passenger (human). The common usage for Dumbwaiter are found in warehouse, restaurants, library, school, banks, hotels, factories, clinics & pharmacies.

Includes: Self Supported Structure

Every lift requires some sort of structure (Lift Shaft) to allow the lift-car to secure itself and travels along with it. Our dumbwaiter comes with a self supported structure which would allow the lift to be secured, although the dumbwaiter may be supported in it’s own structure, a lift shaft should still be provided by others as an outer layer wall. The self supported structure is a type of “skeleton frame”, it is not weatherproof and it’s not an external structure. Lift shaft material shall subject to architect & builder’s preference that is within regulations.

Table Type

Table type is designed to have the landing door raised 750mm above from the finished floor level indicating a similar height to a generic table for the ease of user to upload and unload items. Such design is usually applicable to 50kg, 100kg and 150kg due to lite-weight goods being able to carried by hand.

Floor Type

Floor type is designed to have the landing door positioned at the same level as the finished floor level indicating the user would need to load heavy goods using small trailers or trolleys. This design is mainly applicable to 200kg and 300kg due to it’s weight.