Due to variety of product specification, we will contact you for more details.
How many floors does the lift needs to stop?
e.g. Three (3) Stories Bungalow = 3 Stops
If you are not sure, just leave it blank.
How heavy do you need the lift to carry? Example: 300kg or 4 Pax
How will the lift entrance be position on every floor?
If you go in and comes out on the same side on each floor, then that's called [Same Side Opening].
Complete name as shown in IC/Passport.
If you are requesting on behalf of your company. (Developers, Consultants, Architects, Main Contractor)
We will call you to ask for more information about your request.
We will send our quotation to you.
This allows us to post hard-copy document to you.
This allows us to locate and visit your site to measure dimensions.
In case we've missed out anything or you need to tell us more about this enquiry.