O.K.U Lift

Lift for Limited Mobility – Restricted Use – Automatically Controlled Lift

The means of owning a vertical-transport in your own building for Disabled Users are no longer a dream. Places such as library, clinics, banks often requires to accommodate their clients to be able to go up to different floors but every now-and-then there are some clients which is either disabled or less-than-handy. However in this modern society, having an O.K.U Lift will resolve this forever. Disabled users can now travel to different floors of the building without having extra heavy duty personnel assistance.

Optional: Custom Glass Shaft Enclosure

Every lift requires some sort of structure (Lift Shaft) to allow the lift-car to secure itself and travels along with it. While most houses would provide their own lift shaft during the planning stage or construction stage, there are some conditions where the house is built without a lift shaft and requires to install a lift in the later stage. The house owner will need to alter their house structure at some point, however if the site condition does not allow such modification, then the owner could consider using our own Custom Glass Shaft Enclosure as an alternative. Bare in mind that our enclosure is neither the typical I-Beam/Columns nor Hollow-Section-Steel. The design of this enclosure is also meant to be installed in-doors only.

Automatic Side Opening Sliding Door

Our typical door design by default is an Automatic Sliding Door (side opening), complete with full panel height clear-tempered-laminated-glass. Top and bottom of the door panels will be covered by a hairline stainless steel case. Center opening door design can also be provided upon request, however it is still subject to the shaft size allowed. Center opening would generally mean it needs more space on the shaft width. Be there as it may, the lift door (entrance) will not be aligned center to the shaft. It is designed to be off-centered due to the mechanical arrangement.

manualdoorManual Swing Door

Optionally this Manual Swing Door may provide an alternate solution to those who has a smaller shaft size than required. This design eliminates certain space required compare to Automatic door, and maintains the frame-less design for the door panel. A built-in door closer is provided, hence a upper section of the stainless steel door track is required. This door will only be provided on every lift landing for it’s entrance. The internal “Car Door” shall be replaced with infrared sensors known as “Door Detector”. An “Emergency Stop” will be triggered if the door detector sense an obstruction.